Can you take on the Milk Bottle Challenge?

Can you take on the Milk Bottle Challenge?

Caterers and the public are being called upon to take on the Milk Bottle Challenge and pledge to reduce plastic waste and urge manufacturers to use more post-consumer recycled plastic.

Launched during National Recycle Week, which ran from 25th-29th September, Delphis Eco set the challenge to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and reusing plastic. The campaign seeks to engage and involve businesses, schools and the public and gain an accurate assessment for the first time of how many plastic milk bottles their schools, homes and businesses use and how much carbon emissions could be reduced if these plastics were given a second life.

Currently, only 5-7% of nearly 300 million tonnes of plastic waste used annually is being recycled, while almost 3% ends up in our oceans.
“The use of recycled, instead of ‘virgin’ plastic will significantly reduce production emissions, perhaps by as much as 70%, whilst avoiding the need for landfill, burning, or contamination of our seas and the consequent threat to Eco-systems and wildlife,” said Delphis Eco chief executive Mark Jankovich.

“Together, we can make a real difference to the problem of single-use plastic contamination which is a very real threat to our world and cannot continue unchecked – but we need your help in collecting data and telling the government that this is an important issue which it needs to address now. Please take part and make sure your voice is heard in the quest for a better world.”

You can make the pledge by visiting where you can sign an online petition to call on the government to support post-consumer recycled plastic.