The Educatering Forum is Coming to Birmingham!

The Educatering Forum is Coming to Birmingham!

School Catering: How not to be Invisible

In the debris of the aftermath of the Brexit vote what chance is there for school food to continue as a priority for government policymakers? Out of chaos comes opportunity. If you think you are now too small to matter, try sleeping with a mosquito, as the Dalai Lama once reminded us. Sometimes doing your best is just not good enough, you need to do what is required and what is required now more than ever is:

- Leadership – that embraces everyone, because being ignored is the worst feeling in the world

- The evidence needed to build the case for the continuance of Universal Free School meals, because if you don’t no-one else will

- Show them you care – having a soft heart in a tough world is not cowardice but courageous

Please join us for our next EDUcatering Forum at the Austin Court in Birmingham on November 8 to hear about the latest research and expert advice from our panel of speakers along with advice about what you can personally do to ensure the industry’s collective voice continues to resound in the highest quarters of Westminster….

The issues under discussion will include:

- Leadership: how to liberate others to do their best work
- How to keep school meals high on the policy agenda
- Healthy Eating and healthy communities – the latest findings
- Life-threatening allergies – how do you deal with them?
- The creation of a sustainable food-chain

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