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I’m sitting down to write this month’s welcome letter having just returned from Arnold Fewell’s funeral. Among the recollections of his life was Arnold’s time working for North Yorkshire County Council’s school meals service and how he led a team to remove foods high in fat, salt and sugar from the menu. When Jamie Oliver came along and pledged to transform school meals, he among others thought, ‘but we’ve been doing this for years’. Sometimes, innovation doesn’t have to mean doing something completely new, it just requires a new approach. Someone, somewhere, has already tried it. When I was reading back through ISS Food Services’ winning submission for Contract Caterer of the Year at the EDUcatering Excellence Awards ahead of my interview with sector director Steve Kemp (page 16), the company’s Feeding Excellence Every Day programme includes initiatives that many caterers are doing, yet the way it the concept has been packaged is making huge changes to the health and interestingly the wellbeing of pupils. That is something truly innovative. I would also argue that the Veg Power campaign has been one of the most innovative marketing campaigns for years. I’ve read from some commentators that making vegetables evil is the wrong approach, but when I went to visit two schools in Durham with Taylor Shaw this month (page 20), I saw fully engaged children eager to try the veg of the week and even bringing drawings of vegetables to their school cooks. We don’t always have to be innovative or come up with totally new bonkers ideas. But if Arnold has taught the sector one thing it is to challenge yourself to think a bit harder and from another angle. Morag Wilson Editor

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