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It was such sad news to hear that the Children’s Food Trust is to close. I know that many people found the Trust a vital support – from the caterers who used its research statistics to the individual schools who sought out one on one support to help them prepare for Universal Infant Free School Meals. It has been a campaigner, a policy maker, a champion for good food. For me personally, the Children’s Food Trust has been such a crucial source for information and a place to seek expert advice. When I arrived at EDUcatering Magazine in the summer of 2012 there was huge instability at the Trust, which had just changed its name from the School Food Trust, had new people at the helm and was no longer a government quango. I had a lot of catching up to do and since then have, like all of us, been witness to the Trust going from strength to strength as a charity under Linda Cregan’s leadership, winning huge projects and attracting corporate sponsorship for its Let’s Get Cooking clubs. The Trust has reached a lot of people, including thousands of children, and will be sorely missed. On page 10 we take a look at the legacy the CFT leaves behind and while I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of Linda and her team, we wish them all the very best. Elsewhere this month, we provide a round up of LACA The Main Event (pg19), including an interview with one of the speakers, Katie Wilson, on the lessons we can learn from the US school meals system and visa versa (page 14). I report back from the Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum (page 30) and Rosanna Spence urges caterers to get more ambitious with their curries, taking inspiration from one former LACA School Chef of the Year winner (page 46). I hope you are enjoying the school holidays (the shorter commute to work is my personal highlight!) and look forward to welcoming you back in September.

  • The Big Interview: We’re not alone

    The Big Interview: We’re not alone

    New discussions in the US administration could undo important reforms to food provision programmes for disadvantaged children, Dr Katie Wilson tells Jane Renton.

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  • Leaving a legacy

    Leaving a legacy

    For more than 10 years, the Children’s Food Trust has been the bedrock of school food and children’s nutrition, helping to form policy and standards, as well as offer advice and campaign for children’s health. Morag Wilson looks back at the legacy it leaves behind.

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  • An Indian summer

    An Indian summer

    India’s warm, aromatic spices stole the hearts of British diners generations ago, but modern street food concepts have since created new visions of classic dishes that are a far cry from tikka masala, writes Rosanna Spence.

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